About Us

If you’re like us, you searched through posts on Reddit, Meetup, Facebook or other message boards in hopes of finding a game to play in. But it felt like everything was left to chance, maybe there will be a group looking within the past month or maybe you’ll be stuck there refreshing the same page every day to see if there are any updates.

Well no longer!

Our goal is to bring people together to the table and roll some dice! We accomplish this by giving you one website to go to when looking for a role playing game. You can create a game; set the number of people you are looking for, set which rule set you’ll be playing, signify what day and time you are looking to meet and much more! As a player, you can browse local games within your radius and identify which ones match your expectations. We incorporated forums and messaging so everyone can remain in contact.

This is just the beginning. The team already has ideas for improvements and enhancements. Stick with us, find some new friends and claim your seat at the table. This is where adventures start!

Thank You!