Aus resident

Aus resident  


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06/09/2018 9:33 pm  

Trying to update my preferences as an Australian and the state doesn't let me put in 3 letters to denote my state (VIC for Victoria) and the postcode gets written backwards which is mightily wired. Also on phone trying to get to my birthdate took like 300taps 

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07/09/2018 12:48 pm  

Hey there Tanull!

Issues noted, I believe we only allow 2 letters for states but that will be updated this weekend.

Backwards post code is a little strange. I believe it is caused by our form field type. We'll looo at that as well.

The date issue is unfortunately caused by the OS on your phone. The easiest way to get through the date selection is to click the year in the upper left corner first to select the year. And then navigate left and rate through the months. We'll also look into changing it from a date field to sepearate text boxes, make it not mandatory or move it off the registration page entirely.


Thank you for the post! We'll do anything we can to make the website better and we'll keep you posted on when the fixes go live!