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23/09/2020 2:31 pm  

I am DM Dragonzard, and head DM of the world in which I created called which I named after its creator Dragonzard. I currently host games daily if not multiple games a day. My goal is to go 'live' with a solid team of role players, voice actors who have learned to understand and appreciate Dragonzard over time by simply playing. My community is filtered so you don't have to worry about people harassing you, drama, people speaking over you during your turn, and all that non sense. My first encounters are done typically on discord to see if we mesh together and to see if game times work for each other. During that interview process you'll be briefly 'Briefed' about the world in which you my be apart of as soon as that very next day. After that interview process we'll review your 3 level 4 character sheets via D&DBeyond and do voice auditions and last minute modifications to your sheet. Once you get that done you'll join my fun, hilarious, narrative, free-formed, adventurous, entertaining, and mind-blowing campaigns. My goal is to get a solid group formed and one day possibly stream videos like Matthew Mercer, write a book about our adventures, or even have our own Pod Cast. I hope you can join in the fun today simply add me Dragonzard#2783 to let the real adventure begin! Our games times are at 10 AM and 2 PM Server Time (Pacific Standard Time/California Time/-8 GMT)