What's Everyone Cur...

What's Everyone Currently Playing?  


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25/11/2018 7:38 pm  


Activity breeds activity right?  So let's get the place off the ground with some casual conversation about the hobby we all share.

What systems, adventures, and settings are everyone playing?  

As for myself, I'm currently a player in a weekly D&D 5e game working its way through the Tomb of Annihilation module.  The group is a bunch of random folks I actually found by chance online, but we've surprisingly worked our way through Princes of the Apocalypse, Storm King's Thunder and now Tomb of Annihilation.  Two years and going strong isn't bad for a pick-up game.

Additionally, I'm GMing a weekly game of the Star Wars Roleplaying system Edge of the Empire.  We're all new to the system, myself included, so we're starting off with the pre-written module Beyond the Rim.  It's been a fun little romp through a dangerous jungle full in search of a crashed treasure ship.  Hooray for a Treasure Planet sort of vibe.

What about everyone else?

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I've just recently wrapped up a Curse of Strahd campaign which was a continuation of the LMOP adventure. We will be entering the next chapter focusing more on homebrew and character home areas. We've been together for about 2 years as well! Keeping a game going that long is definitely an accomplishment.

It's always been a goal of mine to run through each official module (DM or Player). But going forward I'm going to be focusing on getting new players into D&D by hosting and organizing games at our local weekly meetups. Hopefully that will encourage new players to check it out, maybe pull some of their friends in. 🙂

I recently attended Gamehold Con and tried out a few other rulesets. It's fun to see how similar/different they all are but I'll have to check out Edge of the Empire. Who doesn't love Star Wars? BTW, if you create a Game and select Other as the rule set you can write in a different rule set than what is listed in the select list. Eventually we'll change this to an autocomplete text box.

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Currently not doing any D&D but I am in 2 games. One is a homebrew modified Runequest game I play in on 1st and 3rd Sundays. This is a fantasy setting in a world created by the person running the game. I think my character is likely the most dysfunctional of them all. If interested I can send you to the webpages where you can see the recaps from his perspective.  The other game is a complete homebrew game I run on 2nd and 4th Sat. of the month that is a post-apoc. magi-sci-fi setting so has fantasy and sci-fi elements combined in the game. What has surprised me is that all the players chose to do magic in some form either as real spell slingers or as people who get magic powers based on tattoos, so limited but focused effects.