Planned Future Updates

Hey Everyone! I know we just launched, but we want to let everyone know that we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Here are some planned improvements coming soon. If you have a recommendation please post it in the forums.

  • Game/Campaign Options
    Add a checkbox for DM Needed DONE!
    – Add option for Placeholder Players (ie, offline players that will be present at the game)
    – Add option for Application requirement in either an Upload or Text Area
    – Use tags instead of radio buttons for flags
    Allow Game Organizers to invite local players
  • Player Requests
    – Add a pop-up that will have an option for Upload or Text Area for Application required by Game Organizer
    Allow Players to accept/decline invites from Game Organizers.
  • Game Player Communication
    Add a Blog for players to communicate within “My Game” listings. DONE!
  • Browse
    Add page to manage games hidden by the player DONE!
    Clean up Matchmaking page DONE!
  • General
    Clean up menus DONE!
    – Restructure My Games Look
    – Calendar, Player Availability

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