The biggest question surrounding this mega bundle is “Is it worth the $500 price tag?” Ultimately, that will be up the individual as how much they value each piece. But we wanted to calculate what the “equivalent” cost would be if each item was purchased by itself outside the bundle and rather or not that justifies the overall pricing. So let’s break this puppy down!
(Update) I got the chance to go hands on with some of these items. Overall, I am even more impressed with what’s coming in the box and am anxiously waiting for it to be shipped.

(10) documents       
We have some wiggle room as far as what is “high quality paper”. We’d expect the price of printing these at a local store to be $1-$2. This price may be different based on the paper quality and size.
(Update) After seeing these first hand, the paper material is superb! It’s not your standard at home paper, it’s textured, frayed and stained to feel like parchment. For this quality you can easily bump up the cost to at least $5 each.

(4) 12″ x 24″ – $15
(19) 12″ x 12″ – $7
Maps are expensive. And printing maps larger than standard paper size would require a special printer or ordering from a store. We would have liked to see these as fold up maps instead of a series of 4 separate 12″ x 12″ maps. That way we don’t have to worry about keeping the maps’ edges connected during the game. What we get to avoid though is the cutting/edging up of home printed maps.
(Update) These city maps are awesome! They fold up to be 12×12 and the backing is made of a sturdy solid material. My first take was being worried about the crease causing cracks in the map or deformities. But I didn’t see any on the examples they had on display which I’m sure were open, closed, thrown, packed, shipped, etc. more than a standard use.

LEGACY MAPS $40 – $80
(2) Canvas maps! This is not something you can replicate at home. We’d like to know the dimensions on the maps to give a more accurate prediction, but we’re assuming these are high quality material, colored and similar to chessex roll up maps.
(Update) Ok, these were way better than expected. And how about the size (Matt Lillard for scale)! Great material that looks to be able to be rolled up and stored easily. I wonder if they’ll be shipped in a poster tube or folded up. I’ll have to reach out about that.

MINIS – $60 – $90
(20) medium sized minis $40 – $60
TROLL – $5 – $10
BEHOLDER $15 – $20
Miniatures! You can’t have too many. They wanted to keep these non-encounter specific, so you’re given flexibility but you lose a miniature that would stand out. Besides for the 2 larger minis of course. These prices are compared to equal or similar Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Minis.

(20) monster cards.
We’re assuming these are heavy stock paper, pre-folded and larger than standard paper length. Most printers can’t handle too heavy of cardstock or this length of paper. You can create similar items at home, but you’ll have to copy, paste and align each picture and stat block. The biggest saver here is your time.

These items are hard to price, as each is a bit different and there aren’t pictures of each item. What exactly are the Tavern Cups? None of these are essential to the game, and I wouldn’t expect these to be purchased normally. But these do add to the “wow” factor. So let’s modestly price them as such.
(Update) I got the chance to hold these items, there’s some definite heft to them and impressive details. The tavern cups are pretty frigging cool. They’re more like a shot glass size, but they collapse!

(8) custom art prints
More printed items, which literally help paint the picture for the players. Necessary, probably not. But another pretty item to keep the players engaged. We’re not going to include the pricing for actually paying the artist, only printing here.

(4) encounters
(5) characters
These are unique to the bundle and do add depth to the module. Without the actual material we can’t speak on the quality so we’ll price compare to some similar options found on DMsGuild.

Priced compared to other DM screens. This appears to be taller though. No information on what it contains on the inside so the practicality is hard to judge.

The module itself is priced at $50. But you’re not just getting the module, you’re getting it in bite sized chunks. This is a pretty neat idea, manipulating a smaller pamphlet is much easier than flipping through a book trying to find the correct page. We just hope it can withstand the wear and tear and pages don’t start to become loose.

D&D BEYOND – $20
Equivalent to purchasing it on the website.

Bonus item? Not sure how to even begin pricing this one!

Final Cost
Low End: $485
High End: $605

First, our math is not exact or perfect. This is a rough preview estimate, something we wanted to put together for our own sanity before we dropped that amount of money on a purchase. So take those values with a grain of salt. And if you think we’re over/under on these prices, let us know! We’ll update the prices accordingly.

What’s not included in the final pricing are all the “little things”. Procuring all of these items, the box itself, running the website, packaging, advertising, employment and room for a profit.
(Update) Forgot the licensing fee per box, lets arbitrary put that at 20% so ~$100, on sale discounts (10%-20%) and after talking with the team, none seem to be taking a profit and instead they are reinvesting profits back into the company!

Should you buy the bundle? That’s up to you. $500 is still a lot, but with the reveal we have a better grasp on what that cost is going towards. You can always wait til the full release to get more images, an actual unboxing and reviews of the items.
(Update) It sounded like they only have around 100 left, and this is a limited release of only 1000… so you may miss the boat if you don’t jump on this soon.

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